Workshop Zazen & Zen-Movement

  • Zen-Performance „Oryoki Tempatsu"
  • Friday, June 7, 6:30 p.m. Mousonturm Studio 3
  • Zen-Lecture
  • Saturday, June 8, 2:30 p.m. Mousonturm Studio 1
  • Japanese with German translation
  • Workshop Zazen & Zen-Movement
  • Sunday, June 9, 6:00 p.m. Mousonturm Studio 3
  • Please bring comfortable clothes

Lecture, Workshop & Performance

Three events in this programme will give you the chance to find out more about Zen. A lecture by Zen monk Seigaku will give you a general introduction. In a workshop, you can learn the first steps to this Japanese method of meditation, which can also be practiced in everyday life. Also, do not miss "Oryoki Tempatsu", a traditional meal ceremony that has been practiced in Japanese Zen temples for many generations.

Workshop 坐禅と禅の作法 "ZAZEN & ZEN MOVEMENT in the city"

- How do we sit ZAZEN?
- What is Zen? ~life in a ZEN temple~
- Practice ZEN Movements! ~for people who live in the city

We will do "ZAZEN"(the sitting ZEN) in this workshop, also some ZEN Movements which can be applied to daily life in modern society. ZAZEN is to sit and "undo". What does it mean to "undo"? It is difficult for us to "undo", do something without any purpose. Today we are told there must be a purpose for whatever we do. But when on earth did we start behaving like this? Please let go of the difficult image of ZEN for a moment. It's a gateway to "peace" for anybody, anytime, anywhere. Let's devote yourself to "undo" and encounter the joy of life free of EGO.
(Text: Seigaku)


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