There is Light + A Case of Eggs

  • There is Light von Yukihiro TODA &
  • A Case of Eggs von Yuri KANCHIKU
  • Thursday, June 6, 2:45 p.m., Naxoshalle Kino


  • There is Light
  • Kurayami kara te wo nobase 暗闇から手をのばせ
  • Japan 2013, Blu-ray, 68 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director & Script: Yukihiro TODA
  • Production: Spotted Productions
  • Camera: Makoto HAYASHI
  • World Distribution: Outcast Cinema
  • Actors: Maya KOIZUMI, KanjI TSUDA, Masayuki MORIYAMA, Yuki KAN
  • European premiere

Call girl Saori works with handicapped customers. What initially appears as easy money becomes a very personal matter to her. THERE IS LIGHT deals with sex and physical handicaps in a very light and straightforward way. TODA's first feature film won the Grand Prix at the Yubari Film Festival.


  • A Case of Eggs
  • Kelan Hanpan ケランハンパン
  • Japan 2012, HDcam , 39 min, Japanese / Korean OV with English subtitles
  • Director & Script: Yuri KANCHIKU
  • Camera: Chigi KANBE
  • World distribution: Yuri KANCHIKU
  • Actors: So-Young CHOO, Jun MURAKAMI, Eun-chae LEE, Yan LEE
  • International premiere

Korean interpreter Ji-hye is still a virgin at 30, when she has to work with a randy Japanese photographer who needs translation in far too private moments. Language barriers are the source for very funny and erotic situations in this lighthearted comedy by Yuri KANCHIKU..

2009 My Rainy Days (Tenshi no koi); 2011 Documentary of AKB48

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