The Unstoppable Force of Japanese Sci-Fi Anime: Retrospective 1966 to 2011

  • Sunday, June 9, 5:15 p.m. Naxoshalle Kino
  • For the last four years, we have been fortunate to cooperate with JVTA (Japan Visualmedia Translation Academy). This year, JVTA will enrich the Nippon Connection programme with a special treat, presenting two classics of Japanese science fiction anime. They subtitled selected episodes of GALAXY EXPRESS 999 and RAINBOW SENTAI ROBIN for an exclusive screening at our festival. With TIGER & BUNNY, there is also a current example of the genre represented.

Galaxy Express 999: The Laboratory of Eternal War Part 1 & 2
Ginga Tetsudo 999: Eikyu sento jikkenshitsu zenhan & kohan
銀河鉄道 9 9 9: 永久戦斗実験室 前編&後編

  • Japan 1979, Episode 47 & 48, 2 x 30 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Nobutaka NISHIZAWA
  • Production & Weltvertrieb: Toei Animation
  • Script: Hiroyasu YAMAURA, Keisuke FUJIKAWA, Yoshiaki YOSHIDA nach einem Manga von Leiji MATSUMOTO
  • Music: Nozomi AOKI
  • Voice cast: Masako IKEDA, Masako NOZAWA, Hitoshi TAKAGI, Chiyoko KAWASHIMA, Makio INOUE
  • To many people, Leiji MATSUMOTO, who wrote the manga GALAXY EXPRESS 999 is based on, is known as the director of animated music videos for electronic band Daft Punk. His philosophical story about future humans transplanting their minds into mechanical bodies was adapted both for TV and film. MATSUMOTO was inspired by the novel NIGHT OF THE GALACTIC RAILROAD by famous Japanese poet and author Kenji MIYAZAWA.

Rainbow Sentai Robin: Attack of the Outer Space Invaders
Rainbow sentai Robin: Kaiseijin arawaru!
レインボー戦隊ロビン: 怪星人現わる!

  • Japan 1966-1967, Episode 1, 26 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Yugo SERIKAWA
  • Production & Weltvertrieb: Toei Animation
  • Script: Kazuhiko KOJIMA, nach einem Manga von Shotaro ISHIMORI
  • Music: Koichi HATTORI
  • Voice cast: Kyoko SATOMI, Kosei YAGI, Nobuaki SEKINE, Matsugoro MITA
  • RAINBOW SENTAI ROBIN was the first anime series that Shotaro ISHIMORI (creator of 009 CYBORG) worked on. Together with Fujiko FUJIO (DORAEMON) and Shinichi SUZUKI, he founded animation house Studio Zero for the project. The series is amongst the early works of animation master Hayao MIYAZAKI. The emperor of the dying planet Palta starts a war against Earth in order to survive.

Tiger & Bunny: Take heed of the snake in the grass.
タイガー&バニー: 草の中にいる蛇に用心せよ
Tiger & Bunny: Kusa no naka ni iru hebi ni yojin seyo

Tiger & Bunny: Confidence is a plant of slow growth.
タイガー&バニー: 信頼という木は大きくなるのが遅い木である
Tiger & Bunny: Shinrai to iu ki wa okikunaru no ga osoi ki de aru

  • Japan 2011, Episode 12 & 13, 2 x 30 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Keiichi SATO
  • Production: Bandai Visual, Mainichi Broadcasting System, Sunrise Inc., T&B Partners
  • Script: Masafumi NISHIDA u.a.
  • Music: Yoshihiro IKE
  • World Sales: Sunrise Inc.
  • Voice cast: Hiroaki HIRATA, Masakazu MORITA, Minako KOTOBUKI, Go INOUE
  • In contrast to the other contributions of the programme, Keiichi SATO's series (based on characters by Masakazu KATSURA) is an example for the contemporary style of Japanese sci-fi anime. The superhero story, which was broadcast in Japan, USA and UK, follows Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr., both supported by powerful sponsors, in their fight against crime. After 25 episodes, the series was also turned into a film in 2012, with a follow-up scheduled for 2013.

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