• Gojo reisenki 五条霊戦記
  • Japan 2000, 35mm, 115 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Directors: Sogo (Gakuryu) ISHII
  • Production: Suncent Cinemaworks Inc.
  • Script: Goro NAKAJIMA, Sogo (Gakuryu) ISHII
  • Director of Photography: Makoto WATANABE
  • Music: Hiroyuki ONOGAWA
  • World Sales: Wildbunch
  • Cast: Tadanobu ASANO, Masatoshi NAGASE, Daisuke RYU, Jun KUNIMURA, Ittoku KISHIBE
  • Sunday, June 9, 8:30 p.m. Cinema in the German Film Museum
  • with an introduction by Tom Mes

For his first period film, ISHII reinvents not only Japan's most quintessential genre, but also one of the country's most beloved legends. In this roaring swordplay saga, the ancient tale of the duel between the noble swordsman Yoshitsune and the warrior monk Benkei on Kyoto's Gojo Bridge receives an overhaul of epic proportion. The sumptuous, off-beat and powerful GOJOE is an obvious precursor to Takashi MIIKE's later samurai spectacle 13 ASSASSINS. (Tom Mes)


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