• Saturday, June 8, 8:30 p.m. Cinema in the German Film Museum
  • エレクトリック·ドラゴン 80000V
  • Japan 2001, Betacam SP, 55 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director & Script: Sogo (Gakuryu) ISHII
  • Production: Suncent CinemaWorks Inc.
  • Director of Photography: Norimichi KASAMATSU
  • Music: Hiroyuki ONOGAWA
  • World Sales: Wowow
  • Cast: Tadanobu ASANO, Masatoshi NAGASE

A self-aware return to ISHII's punk style, this glorious one-hour celebration of noise and style over substance is a cinema experience like no other. Pitting Tadanobu ASANO's high-voltage reptile investigator against Masatoshi NAGASE's lightning-guiding electrician, ELECTRIC DRAGON 80,000 V takes us across Tokyo's most panoramic rooftops and through its narrowest alleys. With its eardrum-shattering soundtrack of punk rock and industrial noise and the explosive clashes between its two leads, this film is as overwhelming a cinema experience as you're ever likely to undergo. (Tom Mes)

  • Vorfilm:
  • Koko dai panikku
  • Japan 1976, Digibeta, 17 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Sogo (Gakuryu) ISHII
  • World Sales: Dragon Mountain
  • Cast: Masanobu UMEZU, Jo NAKAMURA

Sogo ISHII's debut short film PANIC HIGH SCHOOL was shot on 8mm, but it encompasses much of the rage, the energy and the socio-political concerns that would characterise his later works. A high school student snaps and brings a rifle to school with every intention of using it on his teachers and classmates. (Tom Mes)


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