August in the Water

  • Mizu no naka no hachigatsu
  • Japan 1995, 16mm, 117 min, OmU
  • Director& Script: Sogo (Gakuryu) ISHII
  • Director of Photography: Norimichi KASAMATSU
  • Production: August in the Water Production Committee
  • Music: Norihiro TSURU
  • Distributor: Japanischen Kulturinstut Köln (The Japan Foundation)
  • Cast: Shinsuke AOKI, Rena KOMINE, Kou MACHIDA, Masaaki TAKARAI, Reiko MATSUO
  • Saturday, June 8, 4:00 p.m. Cinema in the German Film Museum
  • with an introduction by Tom Mes
  • Entrance free

The metaphysics ISHII began to explore in ½ MENSCH and THE MASTER OF SHIATSU reach their zenith with AUGUST IN THE WATER, an enigmatic but resonantly beautiful trip of a movie. Petrified humans, magic mushrooms and a rock star from outer space are just a few of the building blocks of this hallucinogenic spectacle. In terms of pace and mood, this is miles removed from ISHII's punk films of the previous decade, but being equal parts soothing and puzzling, it offers the viewer its own unique pleasures. (Tom Mes)


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