What did the Cinematograph mean for Japan

  • Thursday, June 6, 6 p.m. Institut für Theater-, Film- und Medienwissenschaft der Goethe-Universität (Filmraum im IG-Hochhaus - IG 7.312)
  • Entrance free

Edison's Kinetoscope predated the Lumière Cinematograph. Kinetoscope was also imported to Japan before the Cinematograph. However, the apparatus of moving images that gave the definitive meaning to moving images in Japan was the Lumière Cinematograph. From 1897 to 1898, two cameramen from Lumiere Company came to Japan successively to shoot Japanese sceneries and present film shows to Japanese audiences. It was in this context that a Japanese photograph company started to shoot its own images with this motion picture camera.
In this lecture, I will talk about how moving images were imported and introduced in Japan and how they became an object of cultural appreciation.

In cooperation with Nippon Connection e.V. funded by nakama fonds

Hiroshi KOMATSU was born in 1956. He is a Film Historian and Professor of Film History at the Faculty of Literature at Waseda University in Tokyo.


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