VGF Nippon In Motion Award

2. VGF NIPPON IN MOTION AWARD - Here are the winners!

For our VGF NIPPON IN MOTION AWARD competition, organized in cooperation with the Frankfurt Public Transport Company (VGF) for the second time, extra short films dealing with the topic "Nippon in Motion" could be submitted. A selection panel has chosen ten of these twelve-second spots from all the entries. Votes have come in until 30 April 2013, deciding which three films should be shown on the info screens of the Frankfurt subway in May. The winner will also receive a check for 250 Euros from the VGF at the award ceremony, taking place at the Nippon Connection Film Festival on 9 June 2013.

The winners of the 2nd VGF NIPPON IN MOTION AWARD::

1. Nippon Invasion by Michael Herber & Liwen Shen, Deutschland 2013 - 425 votes

2. Freibier by Christine Mai & David Clausmeier, Deutschland 2013 - 381 votes

3. Itadakimasu by Brian Leong, Deutschland 2013 - 227 votes