Tug of War!

"Tug of War!" ©2012 “Tug of War!” Film Partners
  • Tsuna hiichatta!
  • Japan 2012, HDcam, 111 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Nobuo MIZUTA
  • Script: Daisuke HABARA
  • Production: Twins Japan
  • Director of Photography: Koichi NAKAYAMA
  • Music: Taro IWASHIRO
  • World Sales: Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV)
  • Actor: Mao INOUE, Keiko MATSUZAKA, Tetsuji TAMAYAMA, Yoko ASAJI, Naomi NISHIDA
  • Friday, June 7, 12:00 p.m. Mousonturm Saal
  • German premiere
  • NCA
  • for children from 6 years of age


The mayor of Oita wants to improve the image of his city, so he instructs Chiaki – a young woman working for the city's PR department – to form a female tug-of-war team. Nobuo MIZUTA mixes comedy, drama and a pinch of social criticism to tell a tale of eight women, their everyday struggles and their support for each other.

Born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1958, Nobuo MIZUTA joined NTV in 1981, working mainly on TV dramas. He is currently working on KING OF APOLOGY, his third film written by enfant terrible Kankuro KUDO.

2006 Boy Meets Ghost (Hanada shonenshi); 2007 Maiko haaaan!!!; 2008 252: Signal of Life (252: Seizonsha ari); 2009 No More Cry!!! (Naku monka / NC '10); 2013 King of Apology (Shazai no osama)

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