Nowhere to Go

  • Doko ni mo ikenai
  • Japan 2011, Blu-ray, 86 min, Japanese with English subtitles
  • Director: Ryuichi SHIMADA
  • Production & World Sales: JyaJya Films
  • Director of Photography: Masahiro ASAZUMA, Daido YAMAUCHI, Ryuichi SHIMADA, Yuichiro KISAKA
  • Music: AMADORI, Hideomi MORI
  • Saturday, June 8, 10:30 p.m. Naxoshalle Kino
  • Internationale premiere in presence of the director Ryuichi SHIMADA
  • NVA

NOWHERE TO GO is the portrait of Hisato YOSHIMURA, a young musician on the streets of Tokyo's Shibuya ward. What could have moved this young woman to be a street performer, what are her dreams? After initial success, Hisato is diagnosed with schizophrenia and has to return to her family home. 8 years later, the film crew decides to meet her again.

Ryuichi SHIMADA was born in Tokyo in 1981. He studied at the Japan Academy of Moving Images, specializing in documentary production. After his graduation he was involved in numerous VP film projects. For his debut feature length film NOWHERE TO GO, the Directors Guild of Japan awarded him as "Rookie of the Year".


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